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I'm a Limerick lass & proud of it!!!


I started this blog as I've been posting extended comments on other people's blogs (I think the technical term is Bloghopper) for a while now so have decided to get my own space.

I really love cooking and when I'm not sifting through cookbooks, I'm thinking about recipes and what to eat next. I eat out a fair bit and like to try new restaurants / dishes whenever I can but I've fairly simple tastes - I believe in doing very little with good ingredients where possible.

I'm a great advocate of the freezer and I love doing creative things with leftovers. Seriously, there's nothing more boring than the same meal two days in a row. I guess that stems from the hours spent watching Nigella & trawling through her books - she always has wine, egg whites & other goodies in the freezer to be ready for any event.

I'm going to write about my own experiences in the kitchen aswell as food I eat out and anything else that pops into my head but it's mainly a foodie blog! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I'm going to enjoy researching it...


Reading, walking, hockey, golf, cycling and cooking of course!