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January 28, 2008


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Would this "creamy" dish upset Paulo????:)

Brian Moloney

I am the boyfriend mentioned on Sarah's blog.

The creamy dish certainly would upset Paolo Tullio if made with cream. Italian friends of mine made it for me on a number of occassions a few years back and were horified to hear that the Irish/English version had cream.

Dulche de Leche Cheesecake - great fun to make. Not too heavy to eat even given that i know what went in to it. Not for those on diets but go for an extra walk/jog during the week and sure who cares. If you can't cook nice stuff on the weekend and enjoy it then there's no point in having weekends.

Well done to the Hairy Bikers and such an excellent cookbook. Go buy it!!


Well Lorraine, I didn't want to name names, but yes.... You're right!!!


The curry sounds great, I LOVE curry!


I've been meaning to make a curry for a while now - just craving those sorts of flavours at the moment. Yours looks like just the thing :-)


OMG that curry looks divine!!! I am such a fan of pumpkin mmmmmmm am definitely trying this asap, and dulche de leche tart delish!!!

I definitely think ~Paulo would have his knickers in a knot over your "creamy dish"


Girls, it's a lovely January dish - warm, light and comforting.


Also did Curragh Chase with dog and then up to Carolines for the sausages and rashers on Sunday. People were almost delirious with joy at the sun walking around. Mother in law has hens so we get boxes of yummy free range happy hen eggs every week. The one time I saw Paulo in the flesh he was gorging on a gross hot dog at a concert.


Jen, it was lovely wasn't it? That's funny about Paulo. The only excuse for gorging on a hot-dog ever is out on the street after an evening dans le Sinbin!!!

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