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February 06, 2008


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oooo lucky you, am jealous to say the least, London isn't a patch on Paris. Vive la France and all that!


I'm so jealous, I was only in Paris once and it was only for a few hours.....must go back soon!!


Oh Maz you'd love it - if only for the fashion!


As I type this, my husband is on his way to Paris to watch the Ireland-France rugby match at the weekend. Needless to say, I've turned an unattractive shade of green!


I was there once on a school tour of all things??? Would love to go back but a weekend in Italy always wins out - strange that:)


Wine in baby bottles? Ce n'est pas possible!


Sounds like a lot of fun! Well done for trying snails - I tried them myself for the first time only a few weeks ago. I agree with your description - I wouldn't call them stunning exactly, but they're kind of moreish, and I've had them twice since...


A Fork Full - The frogs legs are next on the list. Not sure if I'm brave enough for steak tartare yet though ;o)

Kieran - not recommended!!!

Lorraine - you have to go back. Italy's fab but so is France in a completely different way!!!


"a good vet could get their rare meat back on legs"

Hah! I love it!

olive oil packaging

Still amazes me until now.

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