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February 13, 2008


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One of my favourite pastas too, I've heard of this book but never seen it, I might have to book swap!! The Silver Spoon is the same in that there are very few pictures!! I'm with you on the anchovies, tin or jar for this recipe, I love the fresh ones though:)


Oh yeah, I haven't tried the jar. I'll drop the book into LC next week along with your tins. I'll want it back though.... It's only a lend ya hear!!!


I'm a sucker for pretty pictures too but I'm willing to sacrifice for an Anna del Conte book. I'd eat this just so I could say "puttanesca" such a great word!


I hear ya!!!:)


Laura, it's a great word isn't it? I'll pass the book on to you when Lor is finished with it if you like?


Yes please!


That sounds wonderful.


Love all those punchy flavours :-) Anna Del Conte is an excellent food writer, isn't she? And what a thoughtful boss to have!


Sarah I owe you an apology, I was sure I had a link to you on my site but nooooo. Silly me. All will be fixed. On your advice I went to Los Amigos on Friday and ordered the Mole, wow. How great to experience something so unusual and rich and different, the chicken was superfluous however methinks. The food is quite good, could be better but different and fun overall.


oops, I do have a link. i must be drunk, but I'm not


Lisa, I know you like spicy food so if you like anchovies, it'll be right up your street.

Jen, you gotta try it out. The boss was a gem, one in a million!

Val, glad you liked Los Amigos; I guess the main thing that swung it for me was the service. I'm so sick of going into a place and paying for food accompanied by a scowl. It puts me right off!!!

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Uhmmmm. Sounds interesting, i would like to have a taste of it.

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