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February 28, 2008


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ooooooooooo lovely, nothing like some coq au vin to warm the cockles, must make me some o this


I have to say I'm def not a "breast" girl, I much prefer the legs and thighs:) Well done you for using every bit of the chicken, wish I was that good!! I don't do chutney because Bru doesn't like it (It's an Italian thing) but I do!! Do you make your own or do you buy it in the market??


Hi Lor, first of all, let me congratulate you on your big win at the blog of awards & to answer your question, I make my own chutney. I've used Val's recipe & Darina Allen's in the past.


I've decided to take a leaf out of your book and not eat as much chicken. The better half and I relised the other day that we were eating chicken in stirfries and pasta dishes and we really wouldn't miss it. So, no more chicken fillets, they are such a waste of money. In future, we'll buy whole chickens (free-range or organic or both) and use all of them!

Oh and Lorraine, I'm with Bru, I don't really like chutney either, it comes down to my not liking fruit on dinner, or on sandwiches (except tomatoes)


Maz, good on ya - so much variation if you use the full thing!!!

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