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March 22, 2008


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Thanks sarah, I made one the other day and I kind of just winged it and it didn't turn out that great. Can't wait to try this one!!


Amaretto coffee for me, am addicted to almond! YUM you're made me want one now and it's on 8.55 a.m!!! tee hee maybe I could slip some into my breakfast coffee and no one would know!!!!


A splendid choice young Rachel!


Still haven't managed to get this yet, am going to send the husbag into town now for a bottle of amaretto, amaretto coffees after dinner tonight methinks!


The coffee/espressos in Cahill's rocks - assuming you like strong coffee like moi. The little chocolate truffles also go down a treat. Cool little shop.


P.S. I like the sound of amaretto coffee as mentioned in other postings. You guys should try a caffe corretti the next time you are in Sicily/Italy in general or even after a nice meal in an italian restaurant in limerick. Basically an espresso(or a regular coffee if you prefer) with a teaspoon of sambuca or grappa. I prefer the sambuca version. Was in Sicily a few years back and the old fellas have it for breakfast. Classic!!


mmmmmmmmmmmm grappa, had grappa truffles in Locanda Locatelli in London and they were the business!!! Love the "jet-fuel" flavour of the grappa


Did not know Cahill's had chocs for sale, non-coffee rinker so that will be lost on me, but am always up for some truffles.

rc helicopter

Impressive blog! -Arron

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