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March 11, 2008


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Looks yummy Sarah! Like the list too... wish I could keep mine that small... husband is constantly giving out to me! I have a Japanese shelf, an "other" Asian shelf, a pasta shelf, a spice shelf, a herb shelf, an oil shelf, a vinegar shelf... and it just keeps going. Non foodie friends are physically threatened by my pantry! ;-)

Good for you on the leftover wine in the freezer... would never happen here! We don't know the meaning of leftover wine! ;-)

Karen O'Sullivan

I went to the Tavola Calda on Mallow St and had a very bad experience. i got very ill from the food i ordered so i went back just to explain what happened since they have no phone number advertised. my concerns were dismissed and i was made feel like i was lying that had even eaten there by "alberto" the waiter. even though the prices are great just let this be a warning to people.


i saw this episode , but she didn't mention antipasto only i remembered salami , saint Daniele meat , there are drink too unfortunately i didn't find episode on you tube , can you remind me about anti pasto used in hey presto

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