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March 03, 2008


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I'm so jealous of all the people that got hooked on Masterchef this year, I really wanted to see it, but alas we don't have the channel (or any channel that isn't covered by our license fee).


I couldn't believe how good the final 3 were!! I agree James was the right winner all round, emily is amazing but her food is a bit too creative for me but she will do so well, they all will!! I'm lost every night now with nothing to watch, I'll just have to blog a bit more:)


Lor, there's a gap there alright. I did some housework and stuck on a Grey's Anatomy DVD last night...

Maz, if there was a DVD of the series, I'd buy it and watch it all over again!!!

Anthrax Island Resident

the rhubarb dans le market on a Saturday is perfect and tasty at the moment.


AIR, good of you to drop by; however, I am aware that you've been skulking in the background and not making your presence known for quite some time now.
What's in season out your direction at the moment?


We don;t have this show, we have TOP CHEF, which sounds similar.
I LOVE it! It drives my hubby insane, ha,ha,ha!


Hi Lisa, we get Top Chef too. There's a difference though, Top Chef is for budding chefs who want to move on and get their own restaurant while Masterchef is for amateur cooks (you & me) who want to take their skills to the next level and get trained in a top kitchen. I love the bitchiness of top chef; we just got the season where Marcel loses the final (did anyone want him to win?)so I'd say we're a season or two behind the States

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