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March 06, 2008


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I wish I'd been able to go into the Ginger girl tasting, I'd say it was great. I can't wait to get into town again (not til easter sat now) I really want to see that shop.

Mike got slices of pancetta in tesco one time he was in there. I actually prefer the bits for doing sauces coz they are handy and they have a lot of fat which I love (yes I know some people find that disgusting but I don't care)

Just heard that Dunnes is opening, over where the southcourt is so that would be fantastic for Raheen to have a different supermarket - I'm feeling very anti-tesco at the moment.

By the way, don't suppose you know of any good veg shops?

Sorry, this comment is nearly as long as your post, ooops.


I didn't hear about Dunnes coming to Raheen at all but that's brilliant news. Tesco definitely need a kick - they're so hit & miss on everything.
Hmm, there's the organic shop beside Lazio's at the milk market but that's pretty expensive so I just stock up at the Saturday market - need to get myself one of those granny trollies for lugging the 'messages'. You'd probably have more joy back home - smaller towns haven't shunned their greengrocers like the bigger cities.


I have to disappoint and say they don't but I have asked them for it! I actually haven't seen it in Limerick which is really strange because Jamie uses it a lot in his earlier books so I'm sure there is a demand! We just got a really good block of pancetta in LC today - the real stuff with loads of fat!! Ginger Girl is actually dropping in samples to me tommorrow!!


Lor, I'm jealous, jealous, JEALOUS!!!!


People do like to knock Jamie don't they? But I think his last two books have been his most mature and interesting to date. But I also have a soft spot for his salad dressings and anything that I can make after work (there's a good and quick salmon/green beans/cherry tomato/anchovy/basil bake in... the second book I think...)


mmmmmmmmmmmmm loverly!!! Nothing like some lovely chicken, I've made a lovely one from the Avoca cookbook 2 before must try this one though and have some lovely organic chicken in the freezer, must go and take it out now!

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