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May 22, 2008


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Wow sounds like fun Sarah. Best of luck tomorrow - I'm sure you'll be fine! :)

Loving the drums... used to have one during me erm, hippie days! :)


Hi Sarah,

best of luck in the exam, I'm sure you'll ace it. I'm planning to go drumming with Lette next week so when you come back to LK you'll have to join us! Glad you're still enjoying it and I can't wait to pick your brains about stuff when you come home.



Good luck with the exams.

Sounds like you're learning so much fab stuff :-)

And the drumming! Great fun and a good way to destress, I bet.


Hi Sarah,
I have just read through the Ballymaloe Diary bits of your blog and I must say that it is really excellent. I wandered into your blog from Val's Kitchen and have really enjoyed what I read so far. As somebody who is struugling with the whole career direction thing at the moment I am blown away by your courage in making the jump from wage slavery into the unknown to follow something that you actaully care about. Best of luck with it but if a positive mental attitude is a key ingredient to success you are there already.


Hi Bannerboy,
Thanks for that.... I need lots of words of encouragement at the mo... Well, not really, life's good at the mo!!!

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